Is she sick?


May 31, 2020
Hi Folks,

I have a young flock of 6 nearly year old speckled Sussex hens. One of them has always lagged behind, is a bit of an outcast and has never developed a larger, red comb and wattle. We live in W WA, and it’s about 30-40 here at night, pretty mild.

Beginning yesterday, “Numero Seis”, as we call her, is mostly idle, has her head tucked down or even under her wing and is puffed up as cold. She does come with the rest to get chicken treats, but not very enthusiastically.

is she sick? Just cold? Should I try to do anything?
Dec 23, 2020
Washington, PNW
I hope it's nothing. My SS passed in November and she was lethargic and had her eyes closed. Maybe keep her separate, inside if possible. You might want to just make sure she's comfortable. I'm so sorry. I wish I could help! Someone out there might have a better suggestion than me. Good luck! She sounds like a wonderful chook.

Isaac 0

Jul 19, 2016
Hard to know what/ and if something is going on, but the symptoms you're seeing are good indicators that something may be going on. If you have the chance, it may be a good idea to do a thorough physical exam of the hen - check her crop (should be empty in the morning/full at night), check her abdominal area, keel, mouth, under feathers for ectoparasites, watch poops, etc. If your not familiar with what "normal" is, you can use your other hens as guides. Here is a good link regarding examinations:

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