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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by imtc, Jun 17, 2010.

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    I just sold an 8wk old bunny two days ago to a couple girls that answered my craig's list add. They were apparently roomates and probably in their early 20's. I had an uneasy feeling about them to begin with...mainly because they didn't seem to know how to care for it (what they could and couldn't feed it) and one didn't seem too comfortable even holding it (like afraid of getting scratched). I talked to them about diet and care and told them where they could stop to get food on their way home...offered to give them some of mine to get them started, and told them they could call me if they had any questions and off they went. I get a call from one of them the next day and she claims the bunny has diarrhea and just laying around in the cage like it doesn't feel well and what should they do for it? I gave her a few suggesions and asked a few questions and that was that. (it was perfectly healthy when I sold it to her). Then today she calls again and just says she wanted to let me know that the bunny died and that she took it to the vet and spent $400 trying to save it, and that the vet said it had a bacterial infection.....blah, blah, blah. She never asked for a refund or replacement or anything (I wouldn't give her one either anyway) but I just thought it was odd that she's been calling me and a little annoying. Personally I don't believe her and feel a bit guilty for even selling them the poor thing in the first place ( lesson learned for future "gut feeling" sales). I'm almost expecting another call from her in the near future trying to harrass me for money or some some kind of scam. I'm not really worried about anything....just annoyed but wondered if anyone else has run into this kind of crap from people over animal sales. It's new to me and such a pain in the butt.
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    Scam red flags are going up for me...
    Just wait they will be asking for money soon.
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    If they decided to take you to court, you can say you have NO guarantees on the health of your rabbits or was not offered. If you didn't say anything about health wise, it is a buyer's risk. As for the vet bill, have them provide proof of receipts. You have done everything to help them or gave them advice in caring for the bunny. Being in a new home is stressful for them as well.
  4. I had the same sort of thing happen to me last summer over a puppy. I'm not sure if the puppy really did die or not. No one else who had puppies from the same litter had issues. I infact, kept a sibling and she didn't know that. When she found out that I had a littermate and when I asked to see the vet report - she acted nervous and I never heard from her again. She had been hinting around about a refund but never really came out and asked for one. Be very, very careful in what you say - if you choose to reply to her. I think its a scam too.
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    If I get a bad feeling about a sale, I don't go through with the sale. $400.00 for a vet bill? NO way. Not true.
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    I am sure glad I don't use her vet! $400?? I would have to see the vet bill and I talk to the vet personally, just to let him know that is highway robbery. But, I still wouldn't give her a refund. Unless, I sign a contract stating that something is guaranteed to live for at least so many days after purchase, then I feel the purchase is at the buyers own risk. Too many things happen with animals.

    Change in surroundings, diet, etc.
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    I don't plan on giving her a dime and don't believe a word of her story. If she would call me saying she's entitled to a supposed vet bill I would absolutely be demanding a copy of the bill along with the vet's name and number...and even then, I would not feel responsible at all to pay her anything. I have several rabbits and NONE of them are sick, nor would have I sold her that one if it was. Do people really think other's are that stupid? I just have better things to do than even deal with this kind of's an annoying waste of my time. I just know I'll be more careful in the future about going thru with any sale I have a bad feeling about. I'm kicking myself for letting them leave with that bunny....I want all my babies going to good homes where they are loved and taken care of properly. I'm hoping their "story" is not true and annoyed that I sold the bunny to a couple of idiots.
  9. Sounds like a scam to me, BUT, my good friend's hamster got super sick, and she took it to the vet, where they looked at it, determined it had a tumor, and gave it a euthanasia shot. the entire visit tool under 7 minutes, and the bill was over $100... so I can see that a bill could be $400 for a rabbit, if it was actually treated, maybe an x-ray, or some bloodwork or something, I don't know... ask her which vet she took it to. If she's scamming, she won't have a good answer.
  10. Key word for me is bacterial... IF the bunny already had it, then it was in your home and others very likely would have had it. The fact that no one else has it would tell me that either it doesn't exist, OR that the bunny came in contact with it after leaving your home. In either case it's nothing at all to do with you.

    If they did take this animal to the vet then there's a record, ask for it... and the Vet's name/number so you can call yourself and verify that that's what the bill is for, not for their other pet that needed expensive services... I could see someone who was told it'd cost $400 to save their dog thinking a $20 rabbit and scam was a much cheaper option... then just give the rabbit away...

    For the rabbit's sake I hope they'd just give it away...

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