is something stealing my eggs?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by living waters, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. living waters

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    Mar 5, 2016
    I am totally at a loss here and could use some suggestions. We have about 250 chickens spread out over 5 coops. We have 50 young cinnamon queens, which started laying last september. I bought them specifically so we would have good egg production through the winter months. In mid december we went from 40 eggs a day down to zero literally overnight. Not an egg since. We have a light in the coop. We have set out traps. We have put limestone and ceramic eggs in there in case the problem is snakes. Nothing. Why am I not getting eggs from these birds? The other coops are still laying some, though production dropped during the winter. How could this coop drop from 40 a day to nothing? Does anybody else have trouble with wintering cinnamon queens? Any suggestions?
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    Odd that 50 first year pullets would all stop laying at once.
    Might have been a predator scare or some other major stressor?

    Do they free range?

    What is your lighting schedule?

    What is your climate?
    Putting your location in your profile can help folks give better answers/suggestions.

    Oh...and Welcome to BYC!
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    I think they may have a hidden nest? Cause you should be having eggs coming out of your ears. I have had some terrible predator attacks, and that has never caused my birds to quit laying, maybe a slight falter, but in two to three days, birds this young, and bred to be layers should be laying big time.

    I can hardly imagine 40 birds hiding eggs, but that is what happens when mine stop laying. They have picked a new spot.

    set up a camera? Something is not right. You should be getting eggs.


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