Is the high protein chick feed ok to stay on until lay?


8 Years
Sep 11, 2011
We've been feeding Dumor Chick Starter and now that they are approaching ten weeks, the bag said to switch to the grower/finisher (and layers, of course, when they reach point of lay). But my husband bought another 50 lb. bag of the chick starter 24% protein instead of moving onward to the grower/finisher for 10 week olds. Is this a problem? I wouldn't think the high protein would be a problem, right? As long as they don't get the layers feed too early in life, they won't have health problems.
In my view, continuing to feed most breeds the 24% is indeed too high in protein. I believe it pushes them to maturity too fast. I really like that 24% because it provides great protein and nutrition. But, I'd buy a bag of Grower or Finisher at 14% protein and blend the two. Just me. This blend would dial down the protein to 18%. Or, another option is to feed them scratch as 1/2 their diet. That blend would net you around 16% protein which would also be ideal. Either way.

Now, let's say you're still feeding that mixture and eggs start appearing. Not a problem. That would be a good mix. Just offer some oyster shell calcium supplement on the side and you'd be good to go.
I think Fred's Hen has great advice here, right now my daughters silkies are on a grower(its' actually 18%) but their starter was only 20% i didn't know they had 24%? anyways, i know from my ducks you don't want to push growth to hard. Would the feed store allow an exchange?
The reason it's 24% instead of 20% is because it's for turkeys and chuckar. Even though the bag says "chick starter" with a picture of a baby chicken on it, it's actually for turkeys, etc. Maybe I could mix it with some grower/finisher feed.

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