Is there a correlation between yolk color and its nutrients

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    Actually I'm looking for bragging rights. [​IMG]

    I've read in many posts and seen results on the comparisons between farm fresh and caged hen eggs. That's actually one of the reasons that I have chooks. But I've even noticed that my hens (here goes the bragging [​IMG] ) lay eggs which have yolks that are really deep orange and when I've gotten 'organic' and/or 'farm fresh' eggs elsewhere they are not nearly as orange and the whites are runnier.

    I'm just wondering if deep orange yolks correlate to an increase in certain nutrients? ie Beta Carotine? Are better for you? ... and here I go again with the bragging rights [​IMG]
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    Reddish, olive green, and black yolks are caused when feed green grass, silage, and cottonseed meal. Green yolks are caused by eating acorns, and shephers purse. Orange to dark yellow yolks are caused by eating green feed and corn. Dark yellow yolks are caused by eating marigold petals. Medium yellow yolks are caused by eating alfalfa meal, and yellow corn. and pale yellow yolks are caused by eating white corn, or if the layer has coccodiosis. [​IMG]
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