Is there a rooster in my little flock?


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Apr 21, 2013
Hi all. I am not really new to chickens, but I don't know much, meaning I've raised chicks in the past, but only enjoyed them as is and really not thought much about it. They are coming 7 weeks I think is one a rooster. Thank you so much for any input.

In the above photo, the chick in question is the one in the back.

Here is another view.

And the above picture I thought I might show how their feather are growing, not sure if it helps. Looks the same to me.
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Thanks, I hope he turns out a she. After looking and looking and looking at pictures at this age there does seem some hope in a girl.
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Yes, that is a roo in the background, as the red comes in on the males usually between 5-8 weeks I have been told (new to this, but watching for any red on my little ones, as well, but they are only 2+ weeks old right now.)

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