is there an ideal number?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by slightlyginger, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. slightlyginger

    slightlyginger Hatching

    Oct 28, 2007
    hello! i'm new to this and the whole chicken thing, but i'm thinking about getting some chickens and i wondered if its better to have more than one chicken or is just having one alright? x
  2. Cheryl

    Cheryl Songster

    They need company! Plus chickens are addicting if you buy 1, you''ll have wished you bought 2, I bought 5 and wished I bought 6, cause I have the room!
  3. slightlyginger

    slightlyginger Hatching

    Oct 28, 2007
    oh great, well seen as thought i dont think i have enough room for 5 i think i'll get two and see how it goes. thank you muchly x
  4. domromer

    domromer Songster

    May 11, 2007
    How many people do you plan on supplying with eggs? We have six, but it's just my wife and I so three would have got the job done. Also depends on how big of a structure you want/have room to build.
  5. slightlyginger

    slightlyginger Hatching

    Oct 28, 2007
    just me and my mam really but thanks for the advice. do you know if theres a certain breed that would be best? x
  6. skeeter9

    skeeter9 Songster

    What kind of temperament are you looking for along with your egg production? Also, what color eggs do you want?

    If you are looking for birds that have sweet temperaments and lay brown eggs pretty steadily, then Orpingtons and Australorps are awesome.

    If you want very dark brown eggs, then you should look at Marans, Welsummer, and Penedesenca. None of these are particularly sweet, but the eggs are beautiful.

    Actually, this list could go on for day - probably your best bet is to snoop through Henderson's Chicken Breed chart on the internet - it has tons of great information.

  7. smnytx

    smnytx In the Brooder

    Sep 9, 2007
    I was going to just get two, but decided on three, so they would still have company, just in case something happened to one of them.

    I was concerned about getting breeds that are good layers but also good with kids (when raised from chicks). I got a Rhode Island Red, a Barred Rock, and an EE (sold as an Aracauna). They are a nice combination - you can see the a few threads down ("then and now").

    Have fun! I've been at this a month, and am thoroughly enjoying it!
  8. schlitch

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    Aug 2, 2007
    Raymond, Mississippi
    Quote:According to my wife, the answer is no more than 6. Yes I told her that I would only order 6 but I was able to get 10 for less than just 6 and they are just sooo cute even as they get older they are still fun. I like 10, but my coup will probably only hold 6, so I have to find home for at least 4.

    My answer would be as many as you have room for.

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