Is there anybody who just isn't into Christmas?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Chickerdoodle13, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Chickerdoodle13

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    Mar 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    My friends and family think I'm crazy when I say I'm not a big fan of christmas. I love staying home with my family on christmas eve and christmas day, I enjoy thinking of small gifts to give my parents, but I really hate how crazy people get around the holidays. I hate that people have to spend hundreds of dollars on gifts, then complain about the fact that they do. I hate that the stores are too busy, there's a lot of traffic, and everybody seems depressed when its supposed to be a happy holiday season. I also hate christmas music, and it seems EVERY radio station plays it. It seems these days that christmas is so commercialized, and while I am not religious either, I think its ridiculous to spend so much money on a holiday. Seems these days christmas time has become a season of complaining and depression. Maybe its because I'm getting older...idk.

    Anyone else feel the same way I do? I feel so alone because everyone else seems to LOVE the holiday.
  2. Lunachick

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    Mar 19, 2007
    Brick, NJ
    I grin and bear it. I decorate my house a bit, shop a little on line (avoid those stores while I can) And basically wait it out. A lot of it has to do with getting older I think. You get tired of it all. I'm trying to simplify things lately. You're not alone.
  3. chickabator

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    Nov 30, 2007
    my DH doesnt want me to put our tree up or anything and I am about to cry my eyes out over it but to be honest about it I really am not looking forward to it this year at all. Its not about a tree and lights and stuff I know that but there is just something about that time of year that is so special to me and I love it and what it stands for, but I have been so down this year and so depressed and sick that it really doesnt matter to me .
  4. cap1717

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    Jun 12, 2009
    After years of "trying" I have finally convinced my siblings that at our age (50's - 60's), doing the Christmas thing like we were still kids is ridiculous. This year we are restricting ourselves to one small gift each, and donating the money that we might otherwise spend to our local food bank. So far as decorating, well. . . . at my age, and with a full time job still necessary, this MAY be the year that I don't do anything! I did mighty little last years. . . .
  5. WriterofWords

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    Quote:Then this is the worst time for you not to put up a tree. If you are depressed and it makes you feel better then put up your trees and more lights than you've ever seen and make yourself feel better. Hopefully the Scrooge in him will vacate and he will see how much you need this right now.
  6. 19Dawn76

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    Apr 26, 2009
    Toadsuck, AR
    I don t hate it but i do have a low tolerence for christmas decorations. They bother me. The first year we were married i tried to put up a tree but our cat just thought it was a huge , pine-scented cat toy. I was relieved that we had to take it down and we have not had a tree for almost 11 years in our home . Now my son is 2 and this year DH said no travel at christmas (the last 2 years we have been int he mountains at christmas on vacation) . My husband wants to decorate OUR house with lights and crap. YUCK. I guess I will have to tolerate candy canes and reindeer and blah blah blah. [​IMG]
  7. Jess N Jeff

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    I go all out for Halloween, but Christmas is....just ok. I do enjoy baking, so all my friends and family get homemade cookies and cakes. I will buy stuff for my sister's kids, but no one else. If they don't appreciate the time and effort I spent in the kitchen making yummies for them, then bah humbug to them!!!!
  8. DuckLady

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    Jan 11, 2007
    NE Washington State
    This will be the first year I have decorated for Christmas in years.
    After my mom passed away, there didn't seem any point. Added to that I worked at Safeway and had to work every day leading up to Christmas. Working the holidays in retail will turn you off real quick. I always volunteered to work Christmas Day, just to get out of the in-law family drama.

    Now we are retired and away from all that. Mom has been gone several years and this year in a new house I can bear to decorate again.

    And I am looking forward to it.

    But gifts will be meaningful, not just because.
  9. SarahFair

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    Sep 23, 2008
    Monroe, Ga
    [​IMG] <------------ Probly now what yall wanted to hear [​IMG]
  10. Feathered Wings

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    Oct 9, 2008
    I don't get into the season like i used to i was a string up a 10 thousand lights on the house and shop till i dropped.

    But most of my family have passed on and the passion for the day just isn't there anymore.
    We still put up a tree and i break out the other Christmas bobbles and what nots and bake some things it's really low key.

    I think part of my losing interest is the rush to hurry up and get it started it's out now and it's not even thanksgiving.

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