Is there anyone in my area that could help me? We need a ride!


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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
In December our car bit the dust for the last time, and where we live, we are in the middle of the cornfields, and in a very small town. Walking to the store is not an option as the nearest store is more than 15 miles away. I have asked, pleaded, begged, neighbors and church members to give us rides to the store, and so far one only one neighbor gave me a ride, and her whole attitude was that I was putting her out, and she has avoided me since. I moved away from all my family and friends in April of 2008, and it's just me, my two little girls, and my mother out here in the country, so there is no family or friends around here that would help us out. One friend did rent a car and come down about a month ago to take us to the store, and she did so just in time as we were completely out of food. Well, I see my rations depleting, so I began asking friends and neighbors AGAIN, and after being avoided or blown off completely, I am at a loss. No one wants to help! What I REALLY need is a ride during the week, or early on a Saturday morning to the BMV to deliver a letter, and then to a car lot so we can buy our own car, then we wouldn't need to ask anyone for assistance anymore. (I hate being dependent on other people!) But until then, I need to get to an inexpensive grocery store to stock up on some food, and I need to get to a feed store to get chicken feed. My birds ran out last night. What I am hoping is that there is SOMEONE in my area here on BYC, with a HEART that could give us the much needed rides that we need? We'd put gas in your car for your troubles, and even treat you to lunch. I am in the Williamsport/West Lebanon/Attica area. Only about 5 to 10 minutes from any of those. If there is someone that could help us, we would be oooooooooooh so grateful, and you would really be helping us out! Please PM me if you could give us a ride? I just want to get food and food for my birds. Oh, and some toilet paper too! I really hope someone can help. I'll be praying that someone answers our prayers. Thank you everyone that reads this!!!
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles.
I'm going to pray for help to come your way soon, I'd drive you, but I'm a little far away!
Well, I will pray that someone in your little town has a heart and can give you a ride. As for asking church members, it really doesn't sound like you have too many true Christians in that church. I am praying your situation will change for the better soon.
Alaska is a long way from you or I'd help. Please put your location in the title and also try posting on your states forum.
No, there are no taxis that come out here. Heck, the plow doesn't even come out here in winter, local people clear away the snow in town!

What Indiana forum do you speak of?

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