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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chicken0Boy, May 20, 2010.

  1. Chicken0Boy

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    make my chicks not smell so much! They smell to high heavens, and I change thier bedding everyday! [​IMG] They are not even a wekk old, and I have 25. Can I spray something that will not harm them..... my mom said she is going to get somefrom the hospital that they use for humans. Will this harm them? I dont know what it is called.

    Thanks in advance! [​IMG]
  2. Camelot Farms

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    How much space are you giving them? I have had 25 chickens in my sunroom for weeks and weeks and never had a smell.

    I dont know if I would spray them with anything. That sounds like a bad idea.
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    Keep their bedding dry, and if it's warm enough outside, try setting up a temp. pen outside during the day.
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    Mar 30, 2010
    I wouldn't spray anything... is there enough ventilation?
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    Camelot farms...what did you put yours in? I need it to hold 25 bantams for atleast 5 weeks!

    Ok my coop isnt done, and it is getting humid and up in the 80's durring the day and 50-60 durring the night. They are in a big horse gallon tub type thing. It is about a 2.5x2.5. What do i need to do and they have plenty of ventilation.
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    Quote:I would think that if it is safe for humans it would be safe for your chicks. Can you remove the chicks when you spray it and then replace them? Or maybe shoo them all to one end while you spray the other end? Good luck with your coop. [​IMG]
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    You have 25 chicks in something only 2 and a half feet by two and a half feet? Yikes. That's far too small for that number of chicks! My four are crowded in something about that size at four weeks..... so I give them lots of outside time when it's warm.

    First, in any brooder, make sure their bedding material is thick enough, at least an inch deep, if not more. Use nipple waterers, and there will be no damp bedding from spilled water, plus it will not get mucky from chick poop and bits of bedding kicked into it. Good, clean water for drinking is much better fo them, too.

    If the bedding doesn't get damp, and you add more to it as time goes by, it's like the deep litter method in a brooder. Well, not "like" but IS. Or you can change the bedding material every couple days or daily, if you so wish. But without the damp bedding, a lot of that smell just won't occur.
  8. Chicken0Boy

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    They are not even a week old, and there bedding is not damp at all! I will try to make me a brooder this weekend. What should the deminsions be?
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