Is there such a thing as a "crested" chicken?

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    I'm familiar with a crested budgie, but is there such a thing for chickens? If so - could it occur on any type of chicken? How easy would they be to breed?....or where I could I get some if that were the case? I would love a fluffy-head egg layer if they exist.

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    there are Polish, Silkies, and a few others with Topknots or crests......
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    Silkie rooster:

    Silkie pullet:

    Sultan pullet:

    Young Polish pullet:

    4 day old chicks...Left: Polish baby, Right: Sultan pictured above.

    Polish hen:

    So...yes. [​IMG] There are crested chickens. There are also crested ducks. And geese.

    Crest is a factor that must be bred in over time. I've never had a bird just 'pop up' with a crest unless it has a crested breed somewhere in it's genetics. That being said, I'm hardly an expert on this and can't give specifics. But I will say that breeding an crested to a non-crested should yield offspring with a small crest.

    When actually breeding them, different factors come into play. They must have secure shelter and housing because of their fancy 'dos. Other birds may also try and pluck feathers out, so you also have to watch out. But they're alot of fun to raise, and if hand-reared, should grow up to be very social with their owners.

    You can find most crested fowl in hatcheries or even local breeders. For egg laying purposes, I'd best choose Polish. Their egg-laying abilities reach back to when they were just being 'created'. [​IMG]
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    Polish, Crevecore, Houdan, Sultan, Silkies, Spitzhauben, Legbar, Swedish Spotted Hen (Flower Hen) can come crested, Toppy Game, I'm sure there are a lot more [​IMG]

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