Is this a blanket under the shell???


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7 Years
May 27, 2012
Holy cow I cant believe the thick lining on our eggs as compared to the store bought eggs! Just wondering does this make for easier peeling when hard cooked or does it make it worse? I do want to try steaming them because we love hard boiled but hate trying to peel them!
It makes it a lot worse. I would not recommend hard boiling your super fresh, day of eggs - they are really hard to peal. I usually save some off to the side and always hard boil my oldest ones. It helps.
I have done fresh eggs hard boil and then just shock the eggs in a ice bath with lots of ice and leave in there for several minutes till the egg feels ice cold. Then crack it a little and roll between the palms of your hands and the egg quite literally rolls out of the shell instead of small pieces. Hopes this helps if you have very fresh eggs.

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