Is This A Buff Orpington?


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Oct 8, 2009
This is my first post and I am very excited to be here. Me and my wife received 4 baby hens that were suppose to be buff orpingtons, but I think they may be white orpies. They are only 5 weeks old and are covered in feathers. However the only color other than white is from dirt. We did get a 6 month old buff rooster who is already in the coop, we were waiting to transfer the young ladies when they could be away from a heat lamp. They are already pretty good size, there is a pic below. Is this a buff or a white? Thanks for the advice.

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Doesn't look like a buff orpington from the photo - yellow beak...what color are the legs? Very Roo.
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The beak looks white to me and so does the chicken. I would say definitely not a buff orp. Can you post a full body pic so we can figure out the breed?
The legs appear to be somewhat yellow as well. They're legs are a little bit darker than their beaks. Of the four chicks two have red cones and the other two have light colored cones not nearly as big. Thanks for your help trying to figure out what they are. We got them from tractor supply and they were all supposed to be buff orpington pullets.
Orps also have white legs not yellow. These maybe a cross? Not sure but at 5 weeks I vote that's a rooster.
Here is a full body pic of one of the ones without a red cone. Sorry for the dirtiness, need to give them a bath again.



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