Is this a frizzle cochin?

thanks I'm 100% they are cochins I have two. That's the one that has more feathers so I showed that one.
This is one that my son showed and it won Reserve Champion Bantam. The photo was a little old and it's comb was a little bigger by showtime.
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nice bird, mine came from the ideal hatchery speical lol, I'm super bummed I wanted cochins and got two but I don't like frizzles
I bought Serama eggs and had two Cochin eggs tossed in as extras. I didn't even know it until they hatched. So we decided to keep them and my kids could show them at the local fair. They were the only frizzled birds in the fair. The other also got a blue ribbon, but the judge said it had more of a sizzle type feathering. Another picture of course.

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