is this a hawk?


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the following is an excerpt from my "introduction" posting and is offered, not in the spirit of spam, but as an explanation only . . .
you see, i have this new chicken.
a glamorous "rescue" chicken full of intrigue and mystery.
up until yesterday she was surviving in the back yard of an abandoned house among a pride of feral cats and two domestic rabbits.
but today, after a quick chase and a blanket toss, she's living among a pride of tame cats and three domestic rabbits (the more things change . . .).
she's big. bigger than any of my other hens by far. in fact, i think all of my other hens could fit inside her and still have room for two pieces of carry-on luggage.
her name, by the way, is zilla.
she does not seem aggressive, just a bit fearful and i suspect that right under the surface of her slightly anxious chicken skin lies a very kind and generous bird. for example, after eating a meal from my hand tonight, she perched on my shoulder and attempted to groom my bangs (i'm sure she did an excellent job in terms of effort but my bangs are unruly and no amount of grooming will ever fix that).
at any rate she is a bit of a puzzle, this bird. is she "game?" an odd mix? a velociraptor? where did she come from? why was she dwelling amid saucy felines? does she even have a license to "do" hair in the state of california?
*looks down at the ground*
and it's not that i need to know what zilla "is." i mean, i've been to university, i certainly understand that biology is not destiny, that what a chicken "is" and what she "performs" in terms of identity can be (most certainly must be!) two entirely different things and that biology, in the end, is probably more of a (nefarious?) taxonomical smoke-screen than it is any sort of definitive path to the understanding of the actual chicken-being. in addition i suspect that zilla and i could march clumsily down the road of happiness together with our gigantic scaly feet (i don't pumice-stone nearly enough) without my ever understanding her genetic origins and that we'd be just fine.
and yet i'm such a curious girl.
such a curious, curious girl.
and thus i'd like to post a picture. or two. and see if any of you lovely, and if you are still reading this, amazingly patient and indulgent, chicken-folk might shed some light on zilla's ancestry.
today zilla has demonstrated a certain enthusiasm for typing. in fact, she is attempting to assist me in composing this post. which means she's been to at least TWO vocational school (beauty AND office-assistance). perhaps this new clue might shed some light on her background?


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ok no offence so i will not call you a waky cacky but sghes a black sexlink probable the same thing that happened to my cornish X got hert from a shelter she lived in the city.


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hi cacky.
thanks for looking at my pics.
what's a bantee? is that the word you kids use these days to say bantam?
if she's a bantam she's the largest bantam on record.
she's 20 lbs if she's a pound.
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Are there any turkey/chicken crosses in exsistance? 20 pounds!!!

Maybe she's a turken or a chikey?


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She sounds and looks like a sweet, beautiful girl.... I am guessing some mix... her head and neck remind me of my Welsummers... but yikes! 20 lbs? Can chickens and wild turkeys xbreed?????

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