Is this a Prolapsed Vent?


In the Brooder
8 Years
May 17, 2011
My week old buff brahma had poo sticking to her very badly tonight. I had to cut the hair around the bect to get her vent clear. I'm no vet, but this looks herniated. Is something wrong here, and if so, how could I go about fixing it?
Can't really tell from the's a little blurry....but what I do see it looks normal. There is nothing hanging from the inside out. Keep it clean, check regularly and if it looks irritated you can put some ointment on it. Hopefully someone more experienced will give you a clearer reply...Good luck!
If their vents get a bit pasty or gunked up I wash them very carefully and then apply a bit of vaseline on the vent and on the feathers under the vent to let the poop slide off. Works like a charm. I agree though that she doesn't appear to have any signs of prolapse.

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