Is this a rooster?


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Jul 12, 2021
I've got a buff Orpington who was 2.5 months old. This morning, I heard surprisingly repeated crowing and was waken up (about sunrise). Then I checked the surveillance video and realized that he was crowing yesterday as well... Is it that I have a rooster? See this video... and let me know how do you think?

Add a picture which may or may not tell much. I see that he is bigger than my other two same age hens (leg horn and wyandotte); already have red crest. Feet is also noticeably bigger than the two hens. He seems pretty timid though compared to the two hens, and he is also somehow not liking my petting although I heard buff should be very friendly.


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He is so adorable... but I am becoming disillusioned with the crowing today and yesterday. Also, that explains why he hates my petting so much. Every time I approaches he clucks and runs like crazy, like seeing a death star coming. Is a juvenile cockerel supposed to behave like that? :lol:
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