Is this a way to tell gender?

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10 Years
Mar 1, 2009
craig county, VA
which get their tail feathers first? roo or hen?
I have the BO chicks marked with different color magic markers to see if our guesses are correct. Now we're watching tail feathers..........
Nope. The biggest indicator is comb growth. In breeds with large combs, the roosters will get larger combs and they will turn pink quickly. The pullets will not turn pink until much later.
There was a way of tail sexing day old chicks that I remember someone talking about once. I didn't have chooks at the time so not all the information has stuck in my memory, but this lady said something about roosters having one little pin feather in the centre of their tails. I can't remember whether hens were supposed to have more pin feathers or none. I wonder if anyone knows about this, could explain more, and tell us which breeds it applies to.

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