Is this barred rock bantam show quality?


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Feb 20, 2010
Scappoose Oregon
Hi I am looking for a nice show quality bantam barred rock and i came across this one on eggbid. Is it show quality or not? Im not positive how to get pics on here... hope this works.

Yes and he is a honest person. Should make a good breeding pair for you. Read his follow ups on his customers on egg bid. He has like 130 positve posts. Hope this helps you. Bob
Looks good to me. I like her top line. She carries her tail well. You see a lot of Rocks with a dropped tail-shouldn't be like that.
I got a email from the owner and it is Rev Jimmy Rust the Buff Bantam Brahma King. He told me they came from Dick Hortsman line of Penn three years ago. Dicks best chickens in my view are his Barred Rock Bantams. You cant go wrong with this pair. The male is very nice. bob sec rock club
I recently hatched a Barred Rock from a Horstman egg for somebody else and brooded it for 2 weeks. The barring that I did get to see develop during that two week period was absolutely stunning, especially compared to the hatchery BR peeps of my own which were a week ahead of that li'l fella. He was also a rather fearless little dude.

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