Is this broody behavior or something else?


Sep 14, 2020
Epping, NH
We have 10 BA pullets. Things have been going well. They are healthy and producing eggs in the first winter. About 7 eggs a day.

Today two things happened out of the ordinary. First, one of the hens went to lay/nest pretty late in the day. She remained there until dusk. Checked in on her and she was still there after all the other hens went to the roost. Checked again around 7 pm and she is still in the nest. First time we have seen this behavior.

Is this normal? Is it broody?

What if anything should we check to make sure she is all right?

Second, early in the day, we had our first bloody egg (shell). Unclear and unlikely it is the same chicken above. From other posts, we understand it can be normal for the first couple of new laying eggs to be bloody. So not concerned yet unless it last a few more days. So while we don't think these events are related, wanted to make sure to report them both for confirmation.

Any advice on what we should do for both things is appreciated.
May 24, 2020
watch her to see if she lays another egg. she could have just un eggbound herself, which is highly unlikley to happen so if thats the case then she is an amazing hen. if not then ist possible she likes to sleep in their now. one of mine does that sometimes to avoid being picked on


Scarborough Fair
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Jul 3, 2016
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Could be that she needed to lay late and couldn't make it to roost in time.

Is she showing any other broody signs? Puffing up, flattening down, making a ticking time bomb sound, running back to nest if you try to remove her, feathers plucked from her belly, etc?

Cinnamon Roll

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Aug 14, 2020
Cheyenne, WY
I’ve had a hen sleep in the nest when she’s uncomfortable, one from lice and one from molting. Some of my pullets have had a mini-molt so you could check for that.

I do have an older hen that generally prefers to sleep in a nest. She’s just that way, I guess.

Bigtom Turkey

Nov 29, 2020
She could be, but most likley she thinks the nest is more comfortuble then the roost. If she is one the nest for more the 24 hours then she might be.

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