Is this Bumble foot or cut from metel bottom?


5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
Chicks are week and half , and was on burlap for a week and switched them to 1/2 inch hardware and noticed the scabs on the bottom of the feet , picked one off and it bleed , I am figuring that the hardware wire did this?

Bumblefoot is usually caused if a bird externally injures their foot via scrape, minor cuts, and then bacteria gets in the wound and causes an infection. What type of ground does your flock walk on? Is it rocky? Are there a lot of splintered wood chips around? They can get bumblefoot from a myriad of causes....

Here's a BYC article on bumblefoot:

You can also go to YouTube and 'search' for bumblefoot and there are quite a few videos on the subject including surgery to remove them.

I wish you all the best and do keep us updated!!
Get them off the wire. It is horrible on their feet as you can see!
Good advice, this is obviously the cause of the abrasions on their feet. Bumblefoot comes from infection of the injuries. Make sure you give them a softer flooring - sand would be nice. And make sure you are treating the wounds.

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