Is this gout?


5 Years
Aug 6, 2014

Hi, I was wondering if anyone was able to identify these lumps on the tops of the feet of my 9 year old Welsummers-Light Sussex hen. She has lived with the condition for a number of years without any apparent bother until yesterday when she started limping and not moving unless necessary, although she will still range. She appears quite healthy otherwise. Her mother and maternal grandmother developed the same sort of lumps on their feet, though not as big and they seemed oblivious to them throughout their lives. Both these forebears lived to be 8 years old and died from unrelated causes. I wondered if it was gout...Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. David
She's had it a long time... It could be arthritis. And gout is a form of arthritis.
This looked sort of similar but more in the legs.
And this one is about avian gout
Apparently you can give them baby aspirin but I don't know much about it ( if it is arthritis)
Some heritage breeds have hereditary foot issues, ( your pic reminds me of that ) can't remember what it's called or what breeds though. Hope you figure it out.
You're right, she has had the lumps for about 5 years but they didn't start getting bigger until about a year ago. As I said, this hen has not been bothered by the lumps until 2 days ago and yesterday was still out ranging with the rest of the flock. Thanks for the links. I'll give the asprin a go if it gets to that.
Look on the bottom of the foot. Sometimes dirt can collect in the webbing and form a ball. You may be able to push it out, but I have read that these balls are hard as rock if they have been there for years. You may have to cut the top of the foot to get it out, and probably will fill up again. Search this site for crud balls.
I had GOOD look at the bottom of my hen's feet and DID discover BIG lumps of dirt caught in the webbing between her toes. Thanks very much for your advice, charsbird: it was quite difficult to find the folds of skin which were catching all the muck though fortunately the contents squeezed out easily once located. I wouldn't have thought to check for this otherwise, so I'm grateful to be pointed in the right direction. The old hen is like new now - running around as if she was a pullet! I'll be monitoring the condition closely from now on to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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