Is this grit okay??

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Oct 23, 2020
I was told to give my 1 month old chicks grit and so I’ve ordered grit online but when it arrived this is what happened the lable says to not give it to baby chickens and I have not old chickens + I couldn’t find the grit you guys are talking about I also went to the feed store near me and the gave me shell grit and I was told it has calcium in it too so I’m guessing that’s not good for them too? Can someone please show me a picture or guide me of what grit I’m supposed to give them!
I would say with the added calcium and the size of the grit I would not give it to little chicks. this is what I gave my babies Edit: Where are you located? It may change the products available
Yeah that grit will be too large for little ones (but hold on to it for when they get older). This shows the measurements for various type of grit - if you can't find "chick grit" sifting out small pieces from larger grit or even some gravel will do, as long as it's hard rock and roughly these sizes:

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