Is this just a bad idea?


9 Years
Apr 9, 2010
There's a wooded park like area next to my work. I would like to have some chickens living in there that I could go watch while I'm on break. I was thinking it might work to put a small chicken shelter up in a tree a little bit where the chickens would have to fly in at night to roost and there by be protected from the coons.

Has anyone tried this? Is this just a horrible idea?
Yep, dumb idea. Just sit down and think about it and you will probably agree. If not, I would love to read this journal, I give um/it five days max.
I don't think the shelter would offer much...shelter. But for anyone who's seen wild or feral chickens, they do pretty well on their own. But it would have to be a tough kind of bird out there. Grab some of those wild chickens in Key West. They's be OK out there.
Yes, obviously they'd have to be from a line of pseudo - wild chickens anyway. I was thinking sumatras, but I'm open to suggestions.

I've seen coops that were designed so that the chickens had to fly up away from the predators that reportedly work, it's mostly a matter of getting the right birds that will fly up there. I have seen my sumatra's fly up to 10 feet up easily. I doubt a coon could jump that high & if it was suspended by a cable from a tree (or something like that) I doubt a coon could climb down the wire and to where they coudl get one.

I mean, sure it's risky, but I'm just kinda kickin around the idea, brainstorming ya know.

I miss my chickens all day every day while I have to work! It would be awesome to go visit with them on lunch.

BTW, there are a few geese wandering around the fountain and lots and lots of bunnies in the underbrush that seem to do just fine.
I want to keep that on the DL. I'm not sure if they'd like it or hate it, it could really go either way.... Best to ask forgiveness than permission though imo.


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