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  1. I have 8, 10 month old hens, and I think at least 5 are molting. I'm new to chickens and really don't know if what I'm seeing is molting.
    They have lost alot of their feathers under their neck down to their breast, and on the back of there heads. They all are in good health and active, with no bugs. We don't have a rooster. They look kind of scruffy.. I have only had them for about a month now and have only gotten 3 eggs a day sense we had them.. Maybe they were starting to molt when I bought them. Or could it be the move to a new place, that got it all started. I'm not evan sure thats what it is, but from reading other posts, it sounds like it. Hope it don't last to long.
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    I'd check REAL close for mites. Mine molt, but never enough to show bare skin. The only bare skin I see is from a hen getting bred too much, but I've solved that problem.

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