Is this normal spotting on legs?


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I am new at raising chickens, and so far, loving it. I hatched these boys out together and they were to be Dominick roosters. I am a bit baffled. One has a different tail structure and their legs are colored differently. Here are the photos. Can someone tell me if they are Dominick, or is one another breed?

#1 is Dino - a bit larger with longer tail feathers and speckled legs and feet.

#2 is King - smaller and shorter tail feathers and yellow legs and feet.

Normal. It's the effect of barring/cuckoo. It also dilutes pigments in the skin.. and because Dino is a 'cross', he's not pure for the barring/cuckoo so it's more leaky, allowing some color to show on the legs and also those solid black feathers in his tail. by the way think Dino is a very nice looking roo..

If they didn't have the barring gene, their legs would be solid black.

Dominiques are supposed to have rose combs. Both have single combs. did any hatch with rose combs?

Almost any barred bird will be called 'dominicker' by old timers based solely on the color so it might be hard to tell if you got the actual breed or a group called that just based on color that's why I asked about rose combs.. if none have rose combs, then it's probably the latter.
None had the Rose Comb. I had to research to see what that looked like - LOL
I did have one that had a Buttercup comb though.
Thank you for the quick response.

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