Is this normal?


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Jul 27, 2008
I recently hatched some chicks (11 but one died). We absolutely love them but my question is, is it normal for them to be so skittish? We do spend a lot of time with them.
Also, this group is probably the second noisiest I have had, what would affect that?
They always have food and water, it isnt too hot or too cold. As much time as we spend with them, they should be used to me feeding them by now but they still spaz out.
I am thinking it probably varies from hatch to hatch, because I have had some very quiet, friendly birds and also completely the opposite.
These arent really UNfriendly, they just tend to get upset easily.

Well these are barred rocks, speckled sussex and leghorn crosses? I do have one little silkie/sizzle out of the group that is quiet and friendly.
I can you tell you that my Leghorn is 2 weeks old and very skittish. Anytime I walk next to the brooder or make a noise she jumps and begins running.
Leghorns are known to be flighty.
Mine didn't get really "tame" until after I started taking them BOSS (instead of scratch) treats every day. It definitely didn't happen until they were older.
Now they come running when I step out the back door, but I still can't walk up and catch one like I can my reds.
I've hatched LOTS of Leghorns because of the Trader Joe's eggs and they are some flighty birds. Mine started to chillax at around 4 months of age.

Are you raising these peeps inside? I always had raised mine inside and was disappointed that they weren't more friendly. This time around, I put them out on the pasture in a brooder tractor and they are much friendlier. It's like they appreciate seeing me walk up to them at ground level or something. And they seem to have learned much more quickly that I am the proverbial hand that feeds them.
Yep, at this point I have the brooder inside. Working on the coop and they WILL be moving outside as soon as they get a little bigger.
Last night was crazy. They were up all night and I believe having a party in the brooder....
Our second batch of chicks were all skittish and flighty but they tamed down when they were older and I treated them the same as the first batch gentle speaking, tempting them with treats - they didn't like it at all but now they are much nicer - once they started laying eggs.

Try slowing down as you approach the brooder. I've seen a big difference in chicks behavor by slowly showing yourself over the brooder wall, and moving kind of slow, vs rapid movements.

Think about it. As a chick all is going fine in your own little brooder world, then out of nowhere pops a big-o-two legged critter. It's going to startel most anything.

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