Is this pasty butt?


9 Years
Apr 16, 2014
Two of my 3 week old polish butts are looking funny. I brought them in the house, cause they are outside with there mom. I washed there butts with warm water. Now what do I do ? Here is a pic of the worst one.

His butt looks prolapsed will this go away by its self.
I don't see any pasty butt. What I usually do with stuck on poop is cut it off and apply some oil to the area. On this chick, leave his but alone for a day or two and see if it looks better. I can't say if it's prolapsed, I don't know that much about it.
Ok there was poop on it i carefully washed it off. I put him back out with his mom i will check on him in a few hours.
Pasty butt is when the poop covers their vent and prevents the poop from coming out. What usually happens with mine is that the poop is stuck underneath the vent and not blocking the vent. That's when I take a scissors and just trim the dirty down/feathers off or it just keeps happening. I hope the chick you have just has a normal large vent. Be careful not to irritate it.
I don't know what to do is 3 weeks old and has been fine until yesterday. I rinsed his butt with warm water. And it looks horrible. I put some bacitracin on it its all red and protruding and now he is picking at it. He is outside with his mom and three hatch mates. He is still running around and eating.
I think im going to have to bring him in the house and keep him alone for a while. He looks horrible. I hope he makes it.
If it's not bleeding, you may want to try Preparation H. It may be swollen and irritated. Half of my chickens are Polish. They're cute little buggers.
My chick didn't make it. Hopefully his brother who's butt is not to bad will be ok. I had four chicks now only three left. They are Tolbunt polish i bought the eggs on eBay. I washed up the other one and put some preparation H on him he is not to bad. He is not bleeding like the one who didn't make it. I don't understand what might be causing this. The other two are fine. They've been fine for the past 3 weeks they are with there silkie mother and have been eating a variety of food they free range in my yard in the day.

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