Is this rooster a Jungle Fowl or a Brown Leghorn?


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5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
Miami, AZ
Hi all, I got this guy as a chick a year ago, and I was told he was a Jungle Fowl pullet. Obviously he is a rooster, but he is much larger than the other Jungle Fowl rooster I have, who is about the size of a bantam. Also, his legs are yellow and the other Jungle Fowl's are slate. It took me this long to start wondering if he is actually a JF or if he is actually a brown leghorn. Any help is appreciated, I am trying to rehome him so it might be nice to know his true breed :)

Note: he is missing some tail and neck feathers- not sure if it is molt or if he was attacked by the other rooster.

...Another note: apparently this won't let me add photos so i will comment with photos down below.


Also, his comb and wattles are HUGE.

Here is a photo of my other Jungle fowl to compare:

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