Is this rooster and EE or Ameraucana? I think EE

Shades of Blue

8 Years
Apr 15, 2012
Ontario, Canada
I am new at this so I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this rooster is an Ameraucana? However I suspect he might be an EE. I also have a blue Ameraucana rooster here and when they are beside each other this rooster shows the slate gray even more. As you can see he appears to have a lacing pattern on his chest. What do you think?

It looks like an EE, but it's beautiful!!
thanks everyone.....I think he is real nice also. My son in law needed one less roo for winter.....and I took him. His loss is my I hope he produces nice chicks in the spring with my girls.
Absolutely gorgeous EE cockerel! If you have any EE hens, Put them in a breeding pen and you will get some gorgeous blue toned EE chicks (my favorite

thank you....I thought he was very unique and my son in law and I both figured he was an Ameraucana but EE is just fine with me since he has the blue gene. I have 5 EE hens so he will be very happy next spring and I put him in his own pen with his girls. I really hope the lacing comes through in the chicks along with the blue. One other person thought he had Blue Birchen Maran characteristics so if that is true maybe I will put my Welsummer in with him also for some olive eggers to be hatched out. I would like winter to begin and be over so spring is

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