Is this Speckled Sussex roo or pullet?


9 Years
Mar 24, 2012
Dawsonville, GA
6 weeks old here. Speckled sussex. I say roo because he is on the thin side, and comb seems big to me, but no pink at all. I am not familiar with SS, so not sure if comb should be this size or not. And I don't know if it makes any difference that it's tail feathers are more up and downish, than sideways like my other pullets.

Also, I just read in a book that if you put your chickens on the floor and let them walk around a minute and then drop a hat or something on the floor, that the pullets will run away or crouch down, but the roos will stand up tall and prepare to do battle. Is there anything to that or is that an old wives tale? Opinions on this chick please!
That's not a Speckled Sussex. SS has pink feet, are a more unified color and already have speckles. That looks more like a Welsummer. Not sure on the sex though I would say it look like a pullet.
Hahaha. It would be funny if this chick turns out to be a welsummer! I was so undecided about getting either a Welsummer or a Speckled Sussex. After I got this chick, I was thinking I wished I had gotten the Wellie instead! I had wondered about the pink feet. I knew it should have had pink legs, but kept thinking they would change??? Anyway, if it is a Welsummer, good for me!!! Unless it is a I don't want a roo! Thanks for the reply.
I just bought 3 new chicks on May 2nd I was trying for 3 Welsummers. I have 5 SS and really wanted some dark brown eggs. The gals at the feed store were not as informative on the breeds as I had hoped. The had 8 different breeds in one container. They just pointed and said that one there is a Wellie. So I grabbed out 3 of what I thought were Wellies. I got them home and looked at them under normal light and found 1 with slate colored legs and 1 with yellow legs and 1 with yellowish but more pink legs they are more more pink now. This was the box I had to choose from it was a bit crazy.

for comparison is one of my pullet SS at 4 weeks
This chick really has no white on its chest at all. Only white are those few spot you see on her wings. I called the man I got this chick from and he said there was no way he could have any I don't know what I have here. Can anyone help?
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