Is this to low AND to high?


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
Just put a humidity monitor into my hovabator and its 98F and 74% humidity.

Just picked it up today and snuck it in. Went into lockdown and its now day 16 with nothing showing. Have I killed them or is there hope?
Thats Ok Humidity. I Do Recomend Setting Them In The Upright Position Tho, As This Will Help Prevent Drownings At Pip. It Will Greatly Increase Your Hatch Rate Overall With Any Bird Egg.
If your temp was a bit low the entire time, they may hatch a bit late.
98 is not all that low, but for the duration can prolly cause a late hatch.

The humidity is iffy, fine for lockdown but too high for the entire time . . .

Let us know how it turns out, you should get at least some to hatch!
Good luck!
Upright how? I have the egg turner trays that I could put them back into but how will they hatch inside a cup? Or I could put in a tea towel all wrinkled up and set them in the wrinkles. Point side down, right?

And I filled all the water tray bits when going into lock down so I dont THINK the humidity was that high for the entire run.

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Any pippin yet.

I have had a hard time keeping the humidity up between 33- 40, oh well.

My lockdown isn't until Thursday, so I thought I'd do some anticipating with you. So how many eggs are you hatching? Which quail eggs do you have?

Some people and I plan to, just take the egg turner trays and put them on the bottom of the incubator at lock down. Or use the bottom half of egg cartons to set them in.
No pipping yet!

The eggs are now pointy side down on a little yellow t-shirt. Humidity is 70% and temp is still 98f. Coturnix and there are 23 eggs driving me crazy. Good thing I didnt pay for them as would really be going nuts with so much of nothing going on.

I HATE waiting
Got pips last night and one hatched this morning

Worrying about the rest of them this morning though. How long between pipping and hatching is normal?

And how on EARTH does something that small make such a loud noise?
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