Is yolk supposed to be this orange?


Jun 24, 2018
Hello! This was my RIR first egg. When I cracked it open for breakfast the yolk was like this. I tasted fine. Is supposed to be like this?
Orange yolks are actually better! It often means they free range more and they have healthier eggs!
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Store bought egg yolks are often very yellow and quite tasteless whereas my free ranging hens eggs are bright orange like that and have a stronger taste. It depends on what they are eating! But there is nothing technically wrong with a yolk if it is anything between dark orange and pale yellow and a round plump shape.
Totally normal. A lot of people can be shocked when they have they're own chickens as the colour of their yolks are very often darker than the mass produced supermarket eggs. Those poor chickens live a cruel and unhappy life, with a very limited diet which keeps their yolks pale. As soon as hens have access to the outside and a varied food source, their yolks soon darken up!

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