Isa Brown’s first egg!


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Apr 2, 2022
My Isa Brown laid her first egg at the 16.5 weeks old. I thought I would share because I didn’t see any post of someone’s first isa egg age. The Internet says they can start laying anywhere from 16-22 weeks. Just wanted to confirm for others. Go little rockstar!


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It's beautiful and I'm so happy for you!
Thanks! Got another one today about 2 hours later in the day then yesterday in the same spot. Do you think it’s from the same gal? New one on the left. We have 2 Isa Browns, 1 Welsummer, 2 Smokey pearls, 2 Asian blacks, and 3 EEs.


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It’s been 26 hours since I found the first. The Isa Browns are 16.5 weeks. The others are 19 weeks old. I thought Welsummers and Smokey Pearls lay around 20-22 weeks. Can’t be the Easter Eggers because it’s not blue.
I got my first egg last Nov. 17 then another one on the 18th. I had three birds that they could have been from. That was the start of it all.
This is so much fun! My toddlers are loving the scavenger hunt. I just double checked and sure enough found another one. We definitely have 2 layers. This one looks more like the he first one’s color.


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