Isbar/Silverudd’s Blue feathering

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Oct 7, 2015
So I bought 3 Isbar chicks—what appeared to be one blue, one black and one splash. However, the “black” appears to have some slight barring going on (first 2 pics) and the “blue” is feathering out with white and black streaky feathers (last 2 pics). Can anyone tell me genetically what is happening, and is this typical for isbars or is there something else mixed in there?

Bonus points if you can tell me the sex! :)


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The first chick is fibro (black skin) and barred. The second is silver and appears to have lacing genes, though may not be pure for them.

I know little about isbars, but I know they shouldn't have barring or fibro, certainly. Any info on what breeds your source keeps?

@The Moonshiner are you more familiar with the breed?
Thanks, Sneebsey! I bought them from a breeder in California that claimed they were bred from a mix of Greenfire Farms' first and second import lines, which as far as I know are the only pure isbar lines in the U.S. I have heard that the 2nd import keeps popping up some wacky genes, so maybe they weren't that pure to begin with...but this seems like more than a deep recessive gene popping up. Oh well--the laced one looks like s/he might turn out to be a pretty and unique-looking bird, and hopefully they will still lay pretty green eggs, which is really what I'm in it for.
Sorry I know next to nothing about isbars.
I was interested at one time but got away from that since they seemed to be a mess.
Kept hearing they were auto sexing but turned out they weren't. Also a lot of variations as far as color/pattern.
Which brings up no I've never heard of them with barring or lace which I agree these chicks are showing.
Not sure what you have but would of never guessed isbars or isbar mixes.
Nothing surprises me out of greenfire birds though. Been there done that.
They do great at getting new breeds in the country but seem they always have flaws or genes they shouldn't.
Great way to get a start in a new breed but they're just a starting point. Takes a lot of selective breeding to get the birds breeding to any type of standard.
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