Isn't rhubarb poisonous????


11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
west Michigan
My chickens won't leave the rhubarb alone, and have stripped all the leaves off of every single plant. They gather around it like it's the buffet at a chinese restaurant and act like it's the best thing ever. Is this going to have some bad effect on them? So far, they seem ok, but...I thought rhubarb leaves were poisonous.
My first day as a chicken owner, the 3 hens ate every leaf off my rhubarb too. I thought chicken ownership was gonna last hours at best. It turned out to have no effect. Rhubarb leaves are toxic, but apparently not so much to chickens.

I'm thinking it's only toxic to humans. Not 100% sure though. Ok, not just humans, but still researching chickens. Probably like a lot of things, some are affected by some toxins and other animals aren't.
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I think the leaves are toxic to humans. The stems though.. MMMM! Have a nice tart taste. I like to eat them.

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