It happened! Wyandotte laid at 42 weeks!


May 7, 2020
We got a set of two chicks back in early March, a RIR and a Columbian Wyandotte. My RIR has been laying for several months but my CW had been enjoying these many months - 9 of them! - as a free-loader. Her comb development started during late summer but seemed to go on pause because while my other birds continued to mature, she just seemed stuck. Another set of chicks I got 2 months after her started laying as well so she was the only one of the 4 that wasn’t laying. I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen! A couple weeks ago her comb started to grow again and she squatted.. but pelvic check didn’t show a whole lot of change. Since then, her comb is filling out and her pelvis is widening slowly, and as of 2 days ago, we had our first perfect little egg! Hers are very light brown, almost a pinkish color, and so cute to come from such a big bird (she’s our biggest Pullet). I’m so glad she finally started to lay - I didn’t think we’d ever get eggs from her!


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One of my Wyandottes is on this same schedule. I have 2 Wyandottes that both hatched in March. The GLW started laying around 6 months. The red laced black has yet to start laying. She's bigger than all 7 in that flock, comb and wattles started to develope this past summer but nothing even close to egg laying behavior. I've got 2.5 month old chicks that may lay before she gets around to it but your post gives me hope! Congrats!
My SLW has had a red comb since 18 weeks but she is nearly 30 and has been surpassed by one of my EEs (who happens to be the only pullet laying) who started at 24 weeks. No matter how long she has APPEARED ready, she is taking her sweet time. She also grew much slower than my other birds, (especially compared to my laying EE who grew quite quickly) so I probably won’t expect any eggs from her for several weeks.

for now, I call her, Liar Liar Comb On Fire! :lol:

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