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    I have about $60 worth of lumber in the back yard to start framing our coop (Yes, Chris... Really) [​IMG]

    It will not be huge, total area of 6' x 14' for the coop and run. I am planning an aviary style coop with a covered pitched roof. The run will be 8'x6' (not counting the space under the coop) and the whole run will be fenced with harware cloth.

    This is my "copy design" that I am using as a guide.

  2. Frizzledhen

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    Feb 17, 2007
    Sounds fantastic! Have fun while doing it and it will turn out to be a very happy hen house.
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    Apr 14, 2008
    Northern Michigan
    ooohh.. I like the look of it. Good luck and have fun!! Post pictures of it as your building and when its done!!
  4. Firefyter-Emt

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    Well, this is what I was able to finish up before having to stop and water the vegi-garden. I think I am going to drop the bump out for the nest's. While building the base, I felt that it was always going to be in the way and getting bumped. The coop will be a hair bigger than 4' x 6' and we are planning for four or five chickens. The main run is 8'x6' with the 4'x6' "sand box" that is under the coop. The part under the coop will be walled off at the back and the right side, the run side will be open and the left side will have a hinged hardware cloth framed panel so I can access it. I plan to fill this with sand for now so they can have thier dust bath. I will add sand to the main run as time and money allows. The main coop comes out to just under 10sqft per bird based on five birds, plus the addtional two foot high 4'x6' under the coop.

    I did not splurge for PT lumber, but I did add PT foot pads under the corners and under the legs of the coop. Hardware cloth will go underground as well.


    There is a reason for the design at the coop floor and it has more to go. It is done this way to work with the cedar siding (used) [​IMG] and the way the screen door side will be built. The floor rafters have not been added yet of course.


    PS.. does anyone know how much that plastic roofing costs per panel?
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    Nov 12, 2007
    We used 1 panel of the tufftex (I think it was called) on the side of our coop as a skylight near the top. We got it at Lowe's for $18-19. We did not buy the expensive box of special screws with rubber washers that went with them, we found cheaper substitutes in the next aisle. It was 8' long and aprox 24"-28" wide. Sorry so unsure of the name/ measurements, we just finished our coop & run a couple hours ago...I'm tired, sunburned and braindead lol. Oh and very pleased it's done!
  6. Firefyter-Emt

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    Thanks, it gets me in the ball park.. I am covering the run on mine so I want to keep it light. I will add a wood roof under the coop section for heat loss, but I do not want the weight of underlayment and shingles over the run. [​IMG]

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