It`s day 21 and.........nothing!


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Mar 1, 2009
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Well 10a.m. this morning was day 21, been looking in the bator all day and there`s just nothing to see! I`m going crazy with worry! There`s nothing, no pip, no peep, no rocking, nothing. Temps and all have been great with no fluctuations, oh, this is so nerve racking, I know I`ll get no sleep tonight. Shouldn`t there be something??
what breed(s) are in there?

some are pokier than others.
just because you don't see anything happening, don't assume it isn't. they could be pipping on the bottom and you cannot see it.

give them at least 24 more hours.
I have Silver Laced Wyandottes in the bator. Pipping on the bottom? I put the eggs in the egg cartons so how could they get out if they were pipping on the bottom? (I probably sound pretty dumb, heck I am I guess when it comes to
also the temp ig the temp was running low it can delay the hatch even up to a couple days well good luck i will be watching for an update

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