It's Fall, Y'All! Some Pictures of Chickens, Leaves & My Mountains


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Blue Ridge Mtns. of North Georgia
Leaves are falling very fast here in the N. GA. mountains. The cabins on Watson Mtn. have a lovely setting now, but soon the color will be over till Spring. Wish Fall lasted longer. Sigh.

Rita blends with the oak leaves.

Rita's sketchy lacing from her BLRW daddy is showing more as she gets older.

Snow, my only splash Ameraucana, is getting up in years now.

Alice, Blue Plymouth Rock, after her big molt, finally looking normal again, but still thin.

Big Hope, missing Suede, but at last growing feathers. Will take awhile to gain her weight again. Hoping she has worked out her reproductive issues she had a few weeks back. Amanda, the old BR hen in the next pen, is butt naked at the moment and her arthritis is acting up. Scared we'll lose Amanda this winter. She and sister, Becca, are both in full molt and will turn 6 years old just after the first of the year.

Dottie, one of my quality BR girls, looking great post-molt. Sweet, sweet hen, this one.

Druscilla, Dottie's daughter, being her usual curious self. What a love she is!

Isaac enjoying another dustbath. He loves those more and more the older he gets.
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thanks for sharing pictures .you have some very pretty chickens.i live in virginia.and enjoying summer like tempertures.but that is going to change this coming weekend.our leaves are very colorful and they are dropping early this year.i love this time of year.
Wonderful photos. I have fond memories of horseback riding in north Georgia.
Love fall colors.I wish fall will stay longer too. The photos are great thanks for sharing.
Hey Cyn, I'll be over tomorrow afternoon. We'll take a stroll around those woods and hills. What do you say?
I say stop teasing me! I'd love that, Fred! You like tea or coffee? I make a mean Lemon Lover's Pound Cake, too. We'll take a nice, long hike then come back and have some refreshments on the covered porch in view of those mtns.
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