Its getting cold


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Apr 6, 2010
Montrose MI
Ive got a batch of Freedom Rangers under the lamp right now. They re going strong right at 3 weeks. Its starting to get cold here in Michigan. 50 degrees during the day & colder at night. How cold is too cold for these young ones. Im building an outdoor pen right now. Im gonna have a small coop for them in there but no lamp.
Well rule of thumb is 90* when they hatch or come home at a few days old, and drop 5 degrees for every week after two. I do believe that is what i've read on here a few times. I do know the temps & such are right, but it may be after one week start droppin the temp 5 degrees. So if they are three weeks they should be kept at 85* degrees right now.
Their feathered out pretty good. They did fine at 55 -60 degrees. Im thinking they will have to stay under the lamp for a another week or so.
I have 2 week old CX's that I will be hopefully be putting out in covered hoop house next week. Its been that cold here in Ohio also.

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