It's my birthday, and I was thinkin'...


14 Years
Mar 30, 2008
I'm 48 today, and traditionally my family... totally forgets. So I was thinking of making myself an angel food cake (I have a ton of extra eggs). The problem is if I put 48 candles on it, it would be totally wax covered before I even got them all lit (never mind the time to huff and puff them all out again). So why don't they make candles out of chocolate? That way my cake could get a nice glaze in the process... Or do they make these and I just never saw them?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I have never seen chocolate candles :hmm but it's a good idea! Instead of 48 candles (that would look cool!) you could use those number shaped candles you can buy from most supermarkets.
For my husbands 36th birthday I got him one of those little Sara Lee brownies and stuck 36 candles in it (it was hard to get them all to fit). Do you have any idea how high the flames go when the candles are crammed that close together?
There was melted wax ALL OVER the place.
Happy Birthday!!!!

My birthday was Friday. I went to the grocery store, picked out a cake, handed it to the girl at the bakery, and asked her to write Happy Birthday to Me!

I think you should patent the chocolate candle idea - you could make a fortune!

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