It's that time again


11 Years
Aug 1, 2008
Sniff my Barred Rock was massacred by a family of possums, so now i'm getting replacments. Does any1 have any helpful hints on how to identify a Buff orphington or Barred rock pullet? now all I have is a little easter egger named sunny. she's so cute be she's very lonely
we caught one of the possums though. it was drinking Sunny d in our garage LOL, so we put in a box and put it in the recycling bin. if any of you are complete humanitarians, I'm sorry but, some amount of vengance must be taken for my hen who got her head ripped off! Besides, i think it is definetly better than shooting it, which i had a VERY strong impulse to do.:mad::mad::mad::mad:


11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Bailey, Mississippi.
heres a bump for you.. maybe you wont get yelled at lol. personally i think shooting it would be better. doesn't die of suffocation/starvation/dehydration, just a quick pain (if they feel it at all). and its gone.. nothing else then. be funny though.. someone comes to clean out the recycle bin and opens the box.. possom jumps on them rotfl.. go wait with a video camera!. make sure they dont alert organization... and fingerprint the box


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