Its the end of day 3 and I want to make sure all is well

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    I have the make shift of all incubators,
    and in 3 days I havnt had to adjust a thing,
    I think it may be to good to be true.
    but I keep checking the temps and there always between 98.6 and 99.8
    the light only come on for about a minute or so every thisrty minutes.
    im worried about humidity, mine stays at 50 to 52 percent.
    some say this is a proper level but I keep seeing others say its to high?????

    Ive got 21 dollars in this little project,

    heres what Im using.
    an old coleman cooler
    a water bed heating pad controller( not the actual pad)
    one 100 watt light, and one 13 watt flourescent(60 watt)
    I have the water bed heat control probe in the farthest corner from lights and fan
    Im using a Pc fan with the ductwork from an old hp computer, and a 12 volt power supply.
    last but not least, a chick waterer with a short jar on it filled with water.
    Im using a weather channel weather monitor,(21.00 on clearance from wally world) with a remote sensor on the egg tray.

    what am I missing, or what have I overlooked. ( this is my first stab at this)

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