Ivermectin Injectable help!


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
St Pauls, NC
I have two rabbits that I realized today have ear mites.. I need to keep Ivermectin on hand anyway so that is how I will be treating them.. The issue is that as long as I have had my chickens, they's never been wormed and I don't know if the guy who had them before me wormed them at all.. They are not showing any signs as far as their droppings and never have.. I check regularly.. But, they are a little on the thin side (keel bone is felt easily) so they could probably use a good once over.. I know there have been a million questions on the topic of worms and mites but i also know that for each individual it's different.. Should I just go ahead and dose them with the ivermectin or do I really need to get wazine first? How should I give them the ivermectin, injection, food, water? And, the withdrawal period is 14 days, correct??


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