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    I called our local feed store, and they said they have ivermectin for horses. Is this the same one used on chickens. It's not pour on, but something you put in the horses mouth. IDK?
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    Quote:Most likely it's a paste. Dosage would be a "pea" sized amount given to each chicken orally. Your feed store might have Safeguard equine paste (fenbendazole)...if they do, I recommend that you purchase that instead. It is more safe to use on chickens than ivermectin paste. Dosage is a "pea" size amount given to each chicken orally. With either wormer, you would need to repeat worming in 10 days. The withdrawal period is a grand total of 24 days.
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    The pour-on is for cattle. Check another feed store. Or, go with the horse stuff, but the cost is much more and it's harder and messier to administer I think.

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