Ivermectin - use it for chickens, can I use it on my dogs?

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    Mar 14, 2011
    I could swear I saw someone say they use their injectable Ivermectin on their dogs as well as their chickens - but I can't find it anywhere! They said they gave it to the dogs ORALLY... do I remember this correctly or did I dream it??

    If so, is the dosage the same orally as injected??
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    Quote:Ivermectin is the antiparacitical compound used in heartworm preventative. Heart guard, Iverheart, contain ivermectin insmall doses,
    Few people know that you can get enough ivermectin to treat an army of large dogs for years at your feed store for 30-35$ (about half of what you might pay for 12 monthly doses of heartguard for a small dog, large dogs are a lot more)or you can stay home and order it online for less. In this application the drug can be administered orally.
    The dosage varies with the dog's weight. I'm sure you can inject it but I don't know the dosage and I don't know why you would if you can get the same results with an oral application.

    Heartworms are a real threat to those of us living in the south, but it's a big scam for the veterinarians, most will charge you 40 -200$ for the test, as it is law in many states. You can't buy the preventative without the prescription [​IMG] the vet won't give the scrpt without the test.
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    you can get the 'pour on' at Tractor Supply, and the generic ivermec is half the cost of the name brand ivermectin. yeah it's the same stuff, and an eye dropper and a couple of drops on the back worms and rids of lice and mites. an old eye dropper works wonders. some friends of SIL use it on everything, and when SIL found lice on his hens, the friend brought took it over. they waited till roost time, and it was easy.

    DW and i just went this evening and bought the ivomec and did all 13 of our hens in about 10 minutes.

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