Ivermectin..... WHITE PASTE or Clear ?

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    I give my girls ivermectin once or twice a year when I am cleaning out the coop and dusting with DE...

    I went to help a friend do the sme thing and they had purchased the Ivermectin that was white paste instead of the clear vaseline like stuff that I use. We used it. What is the difference? This one said it also had botinade in it or boditade.... anyone know the difference?
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    Ivermectin is an effective drug, but use it sparingly.

    It kills dung beetles, which though less than delightful in their food choice are pretty important in an eco-system.

    We manage ours organically as far as possible and Ivermectin cannot be used in organic systems.

    We keep sheep and with the larger doses needed in bigger organisms Ivermectin can have a rally adverse affect on the ground,


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