Ivory gave me a big scare today.....


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15 Years
Aug 19, 2008
Ivory, my 39-day-old Splash Cochin/black Ameraucana spoiled baby chick that lives in my room (until she can move outside), gave me a big scare just a little while ago!
I had her outside of her box on a shelf, near a window. She loves looking outside the window, since it's a bit cold for her still go outside (at least the wind chill is cool...even when it's nice and sunny out), and she just likes looking around outside. Well, while I wasn't looking, she wondered over to the side of the shelf and stumbled off!
It's only about 2-4 feet high off the floor, but the floor is hardwood and before I could catch her she landed right on it. She's had a few little falls every once and a while, so I thought she was fine. But when I quickly went to scoop her up, I noticed that she was just laying on her stomach, like her leg was broken and she kept flapping her wings and trying to get up. But her leg stayed curled up under her and she kept falling over. It scared me so bad and I was just thinking that now my poor little Ivory would be crippled and it was all my fault and I was worried that it was serious or something.
I picked her up and she just laid sideways in my hand, not able to stand up. I gently lifted her up with my hand and she slowly regained her balance and started to stand on both legs again. Then, I set her down and although she wasn't acting as active as before (probably a little shaken up from her fall), she was standing and could walk again.
You have no idea how relieved I was that she seemed OK!!!!
I checked her over and she seemed fine, and now she's taking a nap in her box under her warm light.

She scared me so bad! I just about almost cried because I thought she was seriously hurt and she was suffering and I would have to cull her or something...I kept thinking how stupid I was to let her walk around on top of the shelf by herself. She's back to normal again now, but maybe she sprained her leg or something or it hurt her for a moment when she fell? And then she came out of it? I'm just so glad she's OK now!

Should I be concerned about anything now? She can walk and stand up and use both legs and is eating and drinking.


Also, this has nothing really to do with it, but I've noticed that Ivory is starting to get a crooked beak. The bottom part is very slightly not lined up with the top and looks like it's growing more to the left than straight. She can eat and drink fine and it's not bothering her, but could it get worse and if it does what could I do about it?
Whew, that was close,Ivory! There's nothing you can do about the crooked beak, it a deformity. She'll do fine, may eat slower than regular beaked chickens, but as long as she gets enough to eat, she'll be fine.

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