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Apr 4, 2013
I am new to pigeons and have a mated pair of Jacobins. They are not banded. What does this mean? I would like to get into show pigeons. If the parents are not banded what happens with the offspring? Are the bands proof of bloodlines or proof of ownership? Thank you.
I am not all together super sure of why pigeons have to be banded but bands give a number and the year they were born so something to do with that...but it doesn't matter if the parents are banded as long as the offspring you want to show are..
The birds must be banded if you want to show them. It doesn't matter if their parents have bands or not, just the birds you wish to enter into the show. It is a way of identifying them and also shows how old they are. They should be seamless year bands. You can buy NPA bands from Foy's Pigeon Supplies. For Jacobins you'll need size 8mm. It is best to use NPA bands because in NPA affiliated shows it is required, so at least this way you have it covered no matter what show you enter. County fair shows may be less strict and not even require the bird to be banded, but I totally disagree with that. Especially when there are different classes for young cocks, young hens, old cocks, old hens, you need a seamless year band to prove it is a young bird born in that year. Also birds that aren't banded cannot be recorded as easily and someone could just take your bird and there would be no band to prove it was entered as your bird. And lastly, if the bird gets lost and found, the band can be traced back to you (unless you bought the band from someone other than the major suppliers and they don't keep track of where their bands go, or unless you bought the bird from someone else - in summary, the band is traced to the person who bought the band). And of course it is helpful for your own personal breeding records. For birds that miss banding, I usually get snap on bands in different colors or numbers so I'll have something to write down in my records :)
Thank you Mary. I just purchased bands from Foy's. I am now waiting for two babies to hatch in the next week. Your information was just in time. :D

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